Hvordan vi jobber

We offer you a free of charge and easy way to gain several proposals from the companies that offer exactly what you are looking for today. Just fill in a simple form , which specifies the features of the product or service you need. The most suitable companies will send you proposals, and you will choose the best one for you!

Oferteo finds the best Sellers for you

Step 1. You specify what product or service you want to buy.

Tell us what kind of product or service you need You only need to fill in a short form in Oferteo.pl, and specify your needs. The more details you give us, the more accurate proposals you get.

Step 2. Oferteo finds the most suitable Sellers.

Oferteo Experts find the most suitable Sellers in your area Sellers in your area select the quotes that are most relevant for them, and thay contact you to present their offers.

Step 3. You get the offers for products or services you need.

The most suitable Sellers present their offers Sellers prepare their offers and send them directly to you. Both Sellers and Buyers can contact each other by phone, which makes the transaction faster and easier.

You choose the best Seller.

You choose the best offer - for free and with no obligation! After you compare the offers, you choose the company and product or service that is the most suitable for you. However, you are not obliged to place any order.

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